The Kinoko Collection

Kinoko which literally translates to 'mushroom' in Japanese, is the muse for this collection. The ethereal delicate nature of wild mushrooms, the deep dark ridges that texture their underside, makes for a beautiful imagery in jewelry. Every piece has been personally handcrafted and finished by exceptionally skilled Indian artisans.
Studio Metallurgy Reborn 2020 pearl ring

The Reborn Collection

Reborn, a deeply personal reflection of being a new mother, of giving birth away from home, of unforgiving expectations between ambition and biology. Entirely hand sculpted in stolen moments between nurturing a tiny human life and nurturing the first born - my label. This collection continues to teach me patience and be truly creative. The name aptly surmises the story of this collection coming together. It took seed on a contemplative walk on a beach in Oman, collecting washed up broken shells. Using broken pieces & debris of old metal casting experiments, as if practicing the art of Kitsugi, I channelled the making of something beautiful from leftover fragments of something whole. Much like the DNA of a human body. Pearl, my birthstone was an instinctive choice to include as I sought strength to navigate this new phase as a mother and as an artist.