The Sharda Collection

Contemporary Glasswear

The collection is one of my most personal experiments. It is a tribute to my paternal grandmother, who passed away soon after I was born. She was a woman who was brilliantly creative and entrepreneurial in a time when women did not step out of the house much or encouraged enough to build a business seriously.  It thus felt right to name the collection after her name ‘Sharda’.

From molten glass shards to beautiful glass objects d’arts

I wanted to expand upon the Molten Woods Collection and create a series fusing glass and wood to make objects that reflected the amorphous nature of water and the glacial beauty of frozen ice, the kinetic energy of the waves that crash our shores.

Emotions and experiments

Each piece in the Sharda Collection, reflects these emotions and is made using waste wood scavenged from lumbar yards and by infusing metal hardware components.

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