The Molten Woods Project

Inspired by my love for metal and amorphous forms, I experimented with fusing wood and molten metal as materials.

Destruction inherent in the creation of beauty

Through the passage of time, Earth has seen creation within destruction - molten lava from volcanoes burning forests and turning them into charcoal, compressing carbon to create diamonds, a speck of dust into pearls.

Functional object d'arts

Each piece is an expression of combining something 'living' like the wood with something that kills like the heat of the hot metal, to create a product who's beauty lies within its imperfections making each piece unique.


After all the Earth that provides us sustenance, upon which the flora, fauna and man thrives, is a mass of hot unstable metal at its core.

More from the collection

The Molten Woods Project is made only on commission and hence the prices are available on request only.

You can write to us at for more details.