The Kinoko Collection

Kinoko which literally translates to 'mushroom' in Japanese, is the muse for this collection. The ethereal delicate nature of wild mushrooms, the deep dark ridges that texture their underside, makes for a beautiful imagery in jewelry. Every piece has been personally handcrafted and finished by exceptionally skilled Indian artisans.
The Mobius Twist Collection

The Mobius Twist Collection

The Mobius Twist Collection is derived from the concept of a ‘Mobius Strip’ which is essentially a surface with only one side and boundary. It’s the perfect curve that inspired me to attempt twisting a hard metal like brass into forms that are fluid and almost a ribbon like. The skill lies in manipulating a tough metal like brass unlike silver which is a lot more malleable and yet make the twists look effortless.
The Molten Woods Project

The Molten Woods Project

Inspired by my love for metal and amorphous forms, I experimented with fusing wood and molten metal as materials.

Through the passage of time, Earth has seen creation within destruction. Molten lava from volcanoes burning forests and turning them into charcoal. Compressing carbon to create diamonds. A speck of dust into pearls...Destruction being inherent in the creation of beauty.

Each piece is a functional object d'arts and an expression of combining something 'living' like the wood with something that kills like the heat of the hot metal, to create a product who's beauty lies within its imperfections making each piece unique.

After all the Earth that provides us sustenance, upon which the flora, fauna and man thrives, is a mass of hot unstable metal at its core.


The Molten Woods Project is made only on commission and hence the prices are available On Request Only.

The Postfold Collection

The Postfold Collection

This collection was inspired with my experiments exploring the technique of fold forming metal sheets. It’s a collection which reflects the core aesthetics of minimalism and contemporary functionality. The aim was to create statement pieces that were bold yet comfortable to wear and hence light weight. It carries within it a certain fluidity like a piece of Japanese origami.

The Postfold Collection is a natural extension of my experiments with The Mobius Twist where I derived from the concept of the Mobius Strip - a mathematical concept that defines a surface with one only one side and one edge.

Studio Metallurgy Reborn 2020 pearl ring

The Reborn Collection

Reborn, a deeply personal reflection of being a new mother, of giving birth away from home, of unforgiving expectations between ambition and biology. Entirely hand sculpted in stolen moments between nurturing a tiny human life and nurturing the first born - my label. This collection continues to teach me patience and be truly creative. The name aptly surmises the story of this collection coming together. It took seed on a contemplative walk on a beach in Oman, collecting washed up broken shells. Using broken pieces & debris of old metal casting experiments, as if practicing the art of Kitsugi, I channelled the making of something beautiful from leftover fragments of something whole. Much like the DNA of a human body. Pearl, my birthstone was an instinctive choice to include as I sought strength to navigate this new phase as a mother and as an artist.
The Sculptured Collection

The Sculptured Collection

The Sculptured Collection, is one of the most personal collection. Each piece is individually crafted and moulded by me. Thus making every design, a tangible reflection of the emotion that inspired it's creation. 

I make small batches of these sculptures. Once sold, they can rarely be replicated but it would be my pleasure to customize a unique piece just for you !

Write to for any queries and let's start a conversation.  

The Sharda Collection

The Sharda Collection

'The Sharda Collection' is one of my most personal experiments. It is a tribute to my paternal grandmother, who passed away soon after I was born. She was a woman who was brilliantly creative and entrepreneurial in a time when women did not step out of the house much or encouraged enough to 'build a business' seriously. While I have little memory of her, I was often told that I reflected her traits while growing up and especially now while setting up Studio Metallurgy.

 It thus felt right to name the collection after her name ‘Sharda’. From molten glass shards to beautiful glass objects d’arts. I wanted to expand upon the Molten Woods Collection and create a series, fusing glass and wood to make objects that reflected the amorphous nature of water and the glacial beauty of frozen ice, the kinetic energy of the waves that crash our shores.

Each piece in the Sharda Collection, reflects these emotions and is made using waste wood scavenged from lumbar yards and by infusing metal hardware components.


All prices are inclusive of 18% GST . We do not undertake shipping of these products outside of Delhi and Gurgaon. 

Vintage Instrument Lamp Project

Vintage Instrument Lamp Project

'An instrument is never junked, it is repaired and retuned and much like a human being, over years of usage dies as its metal sheet is worn thin with wear...'

Each instrument is personally handpicked by me over days of sourcing in cities and meeting the old hands that have over generations been involved in making these pieces by hand one at a time. There is no cookie cutter mechanics involved just iron cast moulds over which thin sheets of brass are draped and hammered to form the perfect sonorous curve. Every piece always carries unique markers by virtue of its dents and marks of repair, its worn out plating making it a blend of silvery dull gold, often inscribed with the name of its owner or band it belonged to. 

These brass wind instruments are not indigenous to India but found their way into the subcontinent with the coming of the Europeans and as the British empire continued to establish itself in India, so did the first company to make them locally.

Nadir Ali set up in 1885 is considered to be the first and oldest company that began making these instruments and till date pieces from this factory, locally referred to as 'Kothi ka baaja' is considered to be the most valuable for its quality. 

Each instrument is unique since despite their uniformity in looks, if you look close enough, one can tell the traces of irregularities that are inherent to hand forged and formed products.


All prices are inclusive of 18% GST and shipping within Delhi and Gurgaon. Shipping outside Delhi is not undertaken by Studio Metallurgy.