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Vintage Instrument Lamps Project

'An instrument is never junked, it is repaired and retuned and much like a human being, over years of usage dies as its metal sheet is worn thin with wear.'

Personally handpicked

Each instrument is personally handpicked by me over days of sourcing in cities and meeting the old hands that have over generations been involved in making these pieces by hand one at a time.

Handcrafted by artisans

There is no cookie cutter mechanics involved, just iron cast moulds over which thin sheets of brass are draped and hammered to form the perfect sonorous curve.

Every piece always carries unique markers by virtue of its dents and marks of repair, its worn out plating making it a blend of silvery dull gold, often inscribed with the name of its owner or band it belonged to. 

Uniquely yours

Each instrument is unique since despite their uniformity in looks, if you look close enough, one can tell the traces of irregularities that are inherent to hand forged and formed products.

These brass wind instruments are not indigenous to India but found their way into the subcontinent with the coming of the Europeans and as the British empire continued to establish itself in India, so did the first company to make them locally.